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No they have not :) Our first title was developed at the university most of us attended as part of a game design and development minor and after that we decided to create our own studio and self-fund and publish the sequel projects with the help of close friends and family!

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Ice cold!

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Hi! Back when we started as a student team we had 14 weeks to design and develop a game. One of the first things we did was write down a list of themes, settings, locations and time-era's where our game could take place and took turns voting on these ideas! Next thing we knew we had a concept for an escape room experience in an abandoned castle on Antarctica!

For the follow-up projects we just expanded on this idea and in We Were Here Together we added completely new locations in this vast, abandoned kingdom in the arctic wastes!

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The team is now seeing some sunlight for the first time in months. We are actually scared about developers getting sun burned. Of course there are still some veterans left to support the community and further improve the game.

As soon as everybody has a tan and we feel more alive again, we will start gathering our thoughts on what's next.

So please bear with us :)

~Geoff, Executive Producer (and I was the Mentor / Professor of the original student team)

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Hi there! We're open to trying out new types of games - but our love will always go out to creating unique cooperative experiences!