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To Rich, has Mad ever gotten sued because of copyright or intellectual property rigths?

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To Ben When you got back, the first moment you realized you made it, ¿What did you feel?

To Lily ¿What myth do you hate the most about OCD?

Thanks for doing this AMA

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How was the process to adapting the acid and dark mad (Damn that archie parody was sexual) to the TV format in the family friendly cartoon network? Why wasn't it in adult swim seeing it fitted better there? Why was it cancelled?

Speaking of caricatures requests, Sebastián Piñera (Chilean president who is going all buddy buddy with Trump and gave him a US flag fused with the chilean flag telling him that he can't think of Chile as another star in the flag, good way of giving up independence)

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How do you get to be a videogame developer? What do you study? Is it to much math? Is it different than a videogame director?

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Can you develop games without studying game development or programing?