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Thank you, we got lucky in that regard.

To answer your questions, right now we are staying at our roommates grandmothers place she wanted to help us and now we don't need to keep footing a hotel bill that was getting gigantic. Our priority has been to look for a new place to rent, something within our budget that allows our pets and has enough room for us. We've looked at a ton of places but it's been pretty difficult to find something that doesn't have some sort of catch (no dogs, someone else already applied and is renting it etc.) It's been frustrating but that's our priority. As far as how it's going to affect me long term, well that will depend. I'm really hoping Trump signs off on giving Ohio FEMA grant money so that i can get some individual assistance because i will be upside down on my totaled car and i don't have a reliable vehicle anymore i have been using a rental and we are very short on cash. Again though, the fact that we are all alive and well and our two dogs are safe and healthy is a blessing even though this has been so stressful.

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I grabbed my Corgi and ran downstairs into the kitchen, our pitbull was already downstairs and she got really freaked out and i thought for a second she ran out the back door and i got really scared that she did but she didn't, i got them both into our little bathroom downstairs and they didn't enjoy being in there, they were very anxious and barking the whole time. They were both so well behaved at the hotel and they are well behaved where we are now also, in fact i think they are loving where we are because there's a gigantic field that we have been letting them run around in and tire themselves out. My corgi has been sooooo affectionate, sleeping practically on my face every night lol. I think he's stressed out a bit still or he can sense that i am stressed.

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Yes, absolutely. It'd be impossible for me not to take them seriously now after that experience. I totally get it, i was exactly like you i got the alarms and was more annoyed by them than anything else. But now i understand why they exist and they absolutely can save lives.

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No they aren't common I've lived in Ohio for close to 4 years now and this is the first I've ever had to deal with. We occasionally get warnings like "conditions are possible for a tornado" but nothing usually happens. I guess the town i lived in got hit with a bad tornado in the 1990s or so I'm told, so although it's not "common" it's definitely not too crazy either. We got loud warnings on our phones and also heard the tornado sirens and it was extremely eery. Especially hearing the sirens after the tornado had already done its damage and left. When things were quiet, and all you heard was people yelling and the sirens in the background. It was like a horror movie.

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So our rental insurance was apparently only liability for the building, we got extremely lucky and didn't lose any real expensive property like our computers and tvs etc. we left furniture but thats mostly due to not being able to fit it all in storage. As far as my car goes, they totaled it. I owe close to $17k on it still, and the fair market value for my car seems to be around $15k which means I'll still owe $2k because i didn't get gap insurance sadly.. 2 of my roommates vehicles got damaged as well, luckily our 3rd roommate was at work so he didn't sustain damage on his car. Our friends and family contributed money to our Facebook GoFundMe page and that helped much with the hotel bill and our insurance deductibles and what not, i don't even want to think about where I'd be if we didn't get that bit of help.