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Your point seems very different from your initial mission statement which was to allow physicians to discuss difficult cases with other physicians. If Figure1 is an educational tool then any commenting should be restricted from those who are not qualified and the learning should occur from students seeing qualified physicians discuss difficult cases in order to ensure a higher quality of education.

Further, if a physician in a rural emergency room/urgent care is uploading an EKG and needs help with the interpretation I really doubt he or she wants to hear the opinion of anyone other than an electrophysiologist, cardiologist, or emergency room physician.

Let's call a spade a spade. Your app is successful only because you have a large amount of nursing students and other ancillary providers downloading the app. I myself have no problem with you becoming wildly successful off this product for that reason, however if you are going to introduce it as a tool to help physicians treat patients then you are responsible for ensuring that only those who are qualified are giving their opinions. Otherwise, the app is nothing more than a medical freakshow and I don't think I need to even go into the ethics of it.

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Sorry for caring more about patients than giving you an avenue to make yourself feel important.

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I am an MD who initially downloaded the app excited for what was advertised, but was quickly disappointed to find the comments section filled with nursing students giving unqualified opinions. If this app is in fact for doctors, then why do you allow the unqualified to contribute?

Edit: This is exactly what I am talking about, "I have your app! I heard about it a year ago from Reddit (it was the picture of the bloody bronchial tree.) I'm in a healthcare field, public health. But I don't get a little tag next to my name, even though there seems to be a category for public health. Med students and nursing students get theirs, why not me?"