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Oh, the Bali Nine (Or members of) that got executed a month or so back. Caught smuggling drugs a decade ago. Though obviously Indonesia isn't the only country to do that, I've lived in Thailand and they do the same thing for drug smuggling (Unique since Thailand is a Buddhist country, having a death penalty). Watched a documentary about "Drug mules" trying to earn extra bucks by just carrying stuff like hashhish, getting caught and being detained and almost being executed in my highschool some time ago.

Being a mule, no matter the pay, is definitely not worth it...

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How big are the food there? Are there infinite refills? What are the drink selections?

I've had McD's in 3 different countries in two different continents and so far it seems like South Korea's the only McD's that don't allow infinite refills :(

EDIT: Downvoted for asking this question? I guess some folks really think there should be more important questions to be asked when it's something about McDonald's.

EDIT 2: Never thought I'd say this, but RIP inbox. See y'all tomorrow morning, and thank you OP for your answer.

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Damn. Canadian ones have sprite, coke, coke zero, root beer, fanta, some other fruity soda that isn't fanta, and water.

Meanwhile Korea just has coke and sprite. And if you don't specify which of the two you want, they automatically just give you coke... in a pretty darn small cup equivalent to the "small" size in Canada. The large sized ones here are the regular size in Canada.

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Or an Aladeen one.

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I'd like to say I have nothing but utmost respect for your decision to quit and help others rehabilitate.

My question is, how did you cope with being potentially institutionalized? What was your biggest surprise when you got out of prison? (Stuff that changed, etc.)