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Hi Michael! I've got three questions for you:

1) What is the best part about being an actor? 2) How much of you and your personality went into playing Worf? 3) What's the favorite thing you've been part of as a professional and why was it DS9?

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Automobiles are regulated far more strictly than firearms are.

You don't need a background check to or even a licence to buy a car, but there are lots of taxes and regulations surrounding cars. Sure.

Automobiles are also designed for transportation, not killing things.

And who cares what they were designed for? They kill more people than guns, and even at that, most gun deaths are via suicide, not homicide. Australia's gun ban did reduce suicide by firearm, but the number of people who killed themselves didn't change. Banning guns wouldn't even save the lives claimed by the firearm related suicide statistics. Firearm homicides are ~10,000 per year, while ~37,000 people are killed in automobile accidents. Only a fool would say 'but cars aren't designed to kill, but guns are', when cars kill far more people than guns. It's a terrible argument.

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Cars kill and injure far more people than guns. Why are you starting with car bans for anyone with a traffic infraction, and restricting those from under the age of 21 from driving? Car bans would save far more lives than gun bans.

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Awesome! I imagine going to work every day and getting to learn a new scene would be an exciting thing to do.

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Dukat did indeed feel organic. He wasn't a villain who did things because he was a villain - it all seemed natural and logical (for a genocidal megalomaniac). Dukat and Kai Winn were characters I hated, much like how many (myself included) hated Joffrey from GoT. You hate them because they're cast well, the writing is good, and the actors did a phenomenal job with their parts.

Any thoughts on Star Trek coming back to TV? I'd love to see it happen, but not in the way they did it with Enterprise. It was an okay series, but it lacked a few too many things (although, season 4 was pretty good).