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I think you guys are going for 'instant gratification' and don't have a 'long term' realistic view. It's even in the name 'Day we fight back'. Tomorrow, or next week, you'll probably go back to doing something else.

Take a page out of the Tea Parties play book. Money - Rallies - Organization - Candidates - Work the system from the inside.

If you can't stomach what you consider 'selling out', you are not going to make any true progress. Pick your battles wisely.

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I've always said that your role in True Lies was one of the best comedic costar performances ever.

"What kind of a sick bitch takes the ice cube trays out of the freezer?!?!"

That being said...

Which role are you the most proud of?

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I think that I was a bit short with you and in my comments this morning. I apologize, if it is before 10 am, I am generally not a very nice person to be around.

That being said, from all accounts this does appear to be a tragedy. Hopefully the media pressure can rectify the situation. And I wish him and you all of the best.

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Macroeconomics may not be your area of specialty, but I'd still love to hear your insights on the United States debt/deficit.

To me, it would seem "Deficit as a percentage of GDP" and "Debt Interest as a percentage of total government spending" are the best ways to look at how bad the debt/deficit really is.

So, based on historical charts, it doesn't seem like current the problem is so bad.

Am I missing something? Should I be more concerned about the long term debt outlook? Thoughts in general?

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For no reason

Followed by:

in the last two weeks, a magic piece of information caused a revocation of his visa.

So, there is a reason. You just don't believe the reason is true. Or you believe the reason is a lie. Either way, you seem to be avoiding sharing that reason.

This is the internet. I don't trust you. Tell me the reason that was given. Tell me why you don't believe it is true. And tell me the real reason that you believe his visa was revoked.

I'm a reasonable person. If it all adds up - you'll have my support. But so far, you are not on a good track.