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TonySsoprano_103 karma

I know it doesn't help anything until you believe it too but you really are a beautiful woman.

My question is, do you find yourself dwelling on old photos of yourself from when you had hair?

I know it's not the same thing but I'm a balding man and I miss my hair so much. I had shoulder length, beautiful, thick hair when I was younger and it was glorious. I look at old photos all the time and try to relive those days haha.

I hope you find peace with your situation soon and recognize your natural beauty. You also seem like a very funny/fun person from your responses. Beautiful and funny is a lethal combo.

TonySsoprano_41 karma

Were you involved or aware of the Christopher Dunstch case profiled in the Dr. Death podcast? Have you met him?

If so, The way they positioned the story seems so unique to me, a man so hell-bent on being the best can't see that he's actually awful. Was he actually just unable see the harm he was doing do to his Lazer focus on achieving medical stardom or was it more a case of a sociopath running a muck in a broken system?

TonySsoprano_2 karma

Well I hope you can find peace in what you look like now... I've only lost the hair on the top of my head and it bums me out so I can't imagine what you're going through. Its also new so give yourself time.