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The voices in my head would disagree strongly with your claims, good doctor!

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Based on what I've heard this week...

  • If Malcolm is correct: "Confounding Sasquatch Spheres."
  • If Emil is correct: "Super Heavy GraviStars"
  • If Francesca is correct: "Quirky Flippy Bouncy Whitey Blacky Ball"
  • If Jim is correct: "Cosmic Oreo."
  • If Stephan is correct: "Black Holes -- stop worrying about it."
  • If Joe is correct: "Fiery Death Ball"
  • If Samir is correct: "Deadly Fuzz Ball."

There are more... I'll try to think of them!

Someday, I hope each of these will get their own movie poster!

(EDIT -- bad grammar)

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Reminds me of an old joke... There was once a provost who called in all the experimental physicists into his office screaming "LOOK AT THIS BUDGET!! Why do you need these expensive equipment? Why can't you be like the Theorists... ALL THE NEED ARE PENS, PAPER, AND WASTEBASKETS!! You're all fired!!"

Months later, he calls in all the theorists into this office screaming "LOOK AT THIS BUDGET!! Why can't you be like the philosophy department? All they need are PENS AND PAPER!!"

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Thanks, Reddit!! We just hit the front page, so we opened up a bottle of Benromach 10 Year Old Speyside Scotch, and we toast to you all for the great questions! http://imgur.com/eGWwAMK

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