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Haha. Every time. I think Hitch is great because it makes Internet people hate me less. Oh, he's like Hitch! People fear what they don't understand, so anything helps.

Hitch teaches guys how to get one girl. I teach guys how to be more attractive to all women.

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I did a seminar on this. Check it out. It's free. www.soundcloud.com/zardoz1

Verbal game is the number one problem most men THINK that they have. In fact, if you can entertain a good friend with your conversation skills, you could entertain any intelligent woman. It's your nerves and self-consciousness that keep you stifled and in your head.

This stifledness manifests in your body language and vocal tonality. You stutter, sweat, mumble, chirp, beg, plead.

So you need to desensitize yourself, like someone jumping off a diving board many, many times. Until the fear is gone, your verbal charm will be stifled.

How do you know they are bored? Could this be a manifestation of your own insecure thought patterns? Try changing the process. Tell yourself that all of your conversation are witty, fun and interesting. If you believe in yourself, others will believe in you. Sounds cheesy, but there's a very practical way to implement this.

Talk to the next woman you meet about anything. The weather, your vintage gaming device, your office job. But talk about it with the utmost enthusiasm. You'll see, they will be very interested in your excitement.

Take improv classes. They will help you access that creative side, the emotional conversationalist. It will help you develop humor, wit and creativity. Which is what you should develop if you want to charm ladies.

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Good question. I'll answer all the questions with one reply.

Most men just want a girfriend. Most men are not evil, manipulative, womanizing douchebags. This guy is a meme. You can picture him in your minds eye, but few of us actually know this guy. Grrr...the douchebag! He never calls girls back!

What we fail to see is the guy isn't calling her back because she doesn't meet his standards. Whatever delusional standard that is. But really, does that make him bad? Because he wants to sleep with more than one woman? Or he figures he can attract a better woman? Whatever that is. Women do it too. Doesn't make them evil. Just picky, or horny.

Just like some women are gold diggers. The term gold digger could be rephrased as, "An attractive woman looking for a successful partner."

I interview my clients over skype and ask them what they're looking for. If they seem unbalanced or angry, I direct them towards other services, like psychologists and inner game experts.

It's my job to deal with men's fears and insecurities. It's not that hard for me to cut through their bullshit and find out what they really want.

And most, 95% of men, just want a cool, attractive girlfriend. Or the option of choice. I provide that.

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Completely ridiculous. I have a friend who is short, bald and chubby. He got into girl chasing with me six years ago. He's a real charmer that guy. A standup comedian now and self-help seminar speaker. He did eventually lose the weight though, but only recently. I asked him how much it helped, and he said, "A lot." That's reality. Get your butt to the gym and count your cals. And start approaching girls. It will take a few years. That's ok.

Your lack of self-esteem is because you don't do anything. How do you know girls don't like you? Have you ever asked? Try it. Ask a chick what you can do better. Ask a chick for help. Or a big muscley dude. Or your local ladies man. Get up and make something. Turn off the Internet, your games, and get your shit together, pussy.

Just kidding.


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Yeah. My Venezuelan friend likes to say "Let's go hunting!" Then we walk around Montreal and occasionally flirt with random french girls. Then we get coffee. We go the the gym. We talk to women on the way to the gym. We laugh. Sometimes the girls come out with us at night.

Hunting. Good fun.

Asshole? I think I'm rather nice. I do tend to serial date though. But I'm friends with all the girls I've dated. All my ex girlfriends still talk to me. And I'm a loyal friend.

I just like to party. I like to date a variety of women. Does that make me an asshole? I think that makes me male. Except I'm not lying to anyone, or myself. And I act on my desire by dating more than one girl at a time. But they know that. And they can do what they want too.

I also run a business, and I'm a writer. I write a lot. I read a lot. I jog.

On the weekends I teach guys how to pickup women. It's fun. And it's a good deed.