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I like to remind people that combat veterans have known for a long time the benefits of pot over opiates to combat pain. I tell them to at least consider this as a veterans issue.

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wow great information! With a parent who has an opiate addiction, I NEVER want to have to be told to use it as my only option. And I have denied being prescribed it since being a civilian. Thank you for your work!

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What criteria does your org and LEAP as a whole use when choosing their battlegrounds?

I am in a very conservative state, but most people are only against legalization of pot because of the old disinformation they were given. When I speak to them about the REAL facts, their perception changes. I think LEAP could have a good presence in Idaho and help the cause.

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I hope her responds to your post. I too LOVED Remmington Steele, but I saw them each weeks in English. How long did you have to wait for them to appear on spanish language T.V.?