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Tommy95go4 karma

You're brave to let our ego aside as a man, congratulations.

I wanted to ask about meditation, there is one book called "Sex God Method" that really helped me with my own troubles with sexuality, and one of the "skills" the author makes emphasis is being in the moment when you're performing and recommends meditation to help this issue, sometimes I'm doing great but something negative cross my mind and I can't enjoy sex the same way I do when I'm in flow, same thing happens to me in other activities and I just lose the momentum.

What do you do in a perhaps, daily basis to train the mind?

Just a heads up in case you want to read the book, is kinda harsh sometimes and you really need to take with a grain of salt, but it can teach you many things and is definitely not like any other sex book out there, another thing, don't buy the book just download a PDF, I've read that the author did shady stuff like scams to people.