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What made him a terrorist, BTW? Did he do anything other than drive Osama around?

In WWII, for example, Hitler's driver was not prosecuted as he was considered too low level. What's the difference?

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No offense to you because you had nothing to do with the circumstances of their seizure but it has come out that many of them were completely innocent of anything other than "being in the wrong place at the wrong time."

Like Dilawar, a 22-year old cabdriver tortured to death in Bagram. Movie Taxi to the Dark Side was made of his death.

Or Murat Karnaz, a Turkish, German Muslim who was on Holiday in Pakistan when 9/11 happened and he got turned in for the reward money as a "terrorist" even tho he was just a German tourist going to different Mosques and studying Islam. He wrote an excellent book called Five Years of My Life.


And there's another cabdriver who was in Gitmo for years but I'm too lazy to look him up right now.

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My optometrist used to say:

"It's like underwear. Some people change their underwear every day. You could wear the same underwear for a couple days, weeks, months, years even."

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What about "front running"?

It used to be crime. Now it's called "co-location" and is, apparently, perfectly legal when big banks do it. If a little trader front runs, he gets crushed by regulators. I've had a trader tell me this. That it's illegal for him; legal for the big boys.

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Solution: transaction tax. Tax each transaction.

I think part of the problem is the system is so broken. What huge US bank was it recently stole $300 million from people and paid a $30 million fine? BoA has made ripping off customers and the government an entire business model. When caught? Pay a tiny percentage as a fine. Win Win.

The Barclays Libor scandal is truly epic. (Not just Barclays but in US as well.) These banks conspired to steal trillions but what will they ever pay? And how will the money ever get back to those they stole it from?