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I am a garbage man and good guess but no. They started cracking down on it because the cab gets too cluttered when you say it's ok (they know you are going to do it anyways) and things will roll under the pedal. Imagine trying to stop with a glass bottle under the brake pedal. Huge safety issue.

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Also a trash man (East Texas). Volume goes up slightly during spring/fall. Lightest in my experience is end of summer. Spikes around every holiday, with the major spikes being around thanksgiving/christmas. You see a volume uptick early to mid November last until early to mid February, huge spike the week after Christmas.

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I make sure to run the compactor and hit the air horn fir kids (also a garbage man)

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It's not as nasty in wealthier neighborhoods. Lower class neighborhoods you see lots of people not using bags. But the quality of the trash itself is less disgusting to a point in wealthier areas because of lack of food waste (eating out vs cooking at home). Also you see crazy valuable things thrown out in wealthier neighborhoods. I brought home a guitar from a house. Looked up the serial number online. 200 dollars nothing wrong with it.

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Once and it was a minor scratch in a spot on their vehicle where the only thing low enough on the truck was a tire and would have ripped through the car not scratched. My truck is 28,000 lbs empty it would roll through your car so easily I'd barely notice if I wasnt looking. (Also a garbage man)