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Stay true and rep your crew. It's garbage but people want to be a part of their group, etc. It takes advantage of basic human needs to be included and valuable, loyal, protecting, heroic...

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It creates who you are, which is a blank slate BYE!

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Perl is a great programming language.

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Why be a good doctor when money?

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Hi Dr. Rosenthal, thanks for doing this AMA. I have had struggles through the winter since college and at certain latitudes. I grew up in So Cal 34° N and now live in the SF Bay 37° where my mood is much worse from Oct. through about March. For the first time because of the pandemic I was supplementing with Vitamin D, but I noticed my mood was much better while on Vitamin D. Thinking about this and about findings of lithium levels in municipal water supply, how much can we attribute light and levels of nutrients and minerals to mood? Are these different sides of a similar problem (light treatment maybe does a similar thing physiologically as vitamin D supplement may be doing)?