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He said 7. reddit's code reads numbers with a period at the start as a numbered list.

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Hey Leo! I'm a huge fan of TWiT and even watched a bit of TechTV when I was younger!

Some of your newer shows are really looking great! (have you checked out /r/knowhow or /r/byb?! :D )

  • Do you think you've created some thing with the TWiT Network that recreates the atmosphere of TechTV? Is there anything that hasn't carried over to TWiT?

  • You're very open about the interworkings of TWiT and your personal life. Does that ever come back to bite you?

  • As a younger viewer I sometimes feel like I'm not in your target demographic. What is TWiT doing to draw in or cater to a younger audience?

Thanks for doing this!

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I read this as a fear of socks.

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PSY did an AMA?!!!11!

This is what I get for leaving the house. Last time it was Obama!