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She answered ZERO of the tough questions. The whole thing was a scam if you ask me.

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Even if someone else in the chain believes it to be unnecessary, they still have no authority to call it off.

So if the President falsely orders a nuclear war, then they must follow the order, thus destroying the world.

Can you explain why this is sane?

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This year, I moved from New York City where I had spent thirty years, to Amsterdam.

One of the nice little surprises here is that people are less hooked on their cell phones. Oh, don't get me wrong, everyone has a smart phone, and you do see people here walking down the street looking at their phones, and even biking with them (of course), but it's a lot less bad than in the United States - particularly in social events, no one pulls out their phones at all!

On the other hand, my Korean friends tell me that it's even worse there... hard to imagine really.

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In my lifetime alone, Nixon was batshitinsane, drinking in the White House. Reagan was so senile he barely knew where he was. And now Trump.

If people keep building nuclear weapons, one day they will be used, and from looking at the last 50 years of US military exploits, it will be for a bad reason.

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I'm looking forward to this video.

Many people, myself included, wondered if the whole thing was a trap - to discredit you by planting documents that were forged but that contained information that you strongly suspected to be true from other sources.