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TomHanksandMegRyan3 karma

With the caveat that plans change, can we get some additional information on the direction of your new book(s)? I’m having a hard time figuring out a potential theme based on your IG account (e.g., pad see ew in one pic, cast iron eggplant parm). Will this be another eclectic collection of recipes rather than “Kenji Does ___”? Looking forward to your next projects, whatever the plan is.

TomHanksandMegRyan2 karma

Hi Mommy,

It seems like comedy is somewhat like music in that what’s “in” changes over time and comedians who were once considered cool/hip/whatever become passé. Do you (and other comedians) just speak what’s funny to you and hope there is still an audience, or is there an effort to stay up to date with audiences and the topics/humor style they’re into?

Also, could we get a That’s Deep Bro reading list at some point in the future?

Thanks Jean!