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My two daughters (6 & 3) are huge fans of yours, and have read about you in both 'The Watcher' and 'Rebel Girls'. They have an explorer outfit they use to pretend they are you.

Mathilda (6) would like to ask you: "How did you manage to get so close to the chimpanzees? How did they settle down around you?"

Philippa (3) would like to ask you: "Do you have any pets?"

Here is a photo of the girls pretending to be you and a chimp: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ynnyj2rpsmhihdb/IMG_4079.jpg?dl=0

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Thank you so very much for the response. It is really amazing we had the opportunity to ask questions to Dr. Goodall and her team.

We are in England so the girls are asleep at the moment, but this will likely be the first thing they ask about in the morning. They'll be very excited to have received answers.

And yes, we think great female role models are important (the 'Rebel Girls' book is amazing for anyone interested). :)

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Thank you. :)

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Thanks. I think so too!

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Hey Cerys! My wife is in the Medical Physics group at UCL too, and just handed in. She and I are friends with Alejandro, and I imagine your work extends some of his.

If so, what improvements / changes have you and the team made in the last few years (since Alej tried to explain it to me!!)? Has it been more about refining the techniques or has the core approach changed?

Good luck with the research! :)