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Awesome! Band wise, I'll always gladly recommend GUEVNNA(some releases on my label), Funeral Moth, Self Deconstruction, Begräbnis, Exorgrindst, Floaters, Nepenthes, and many more.

We're actually doing live stream of a Floaters show filmed at a and to benefit a very important Yokohama venue called El Puente, would be super cool if you could check it out!

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Thrash Zone. No other. Lol.

I might not be the right person to ask about that as I'm incredibly jaded about all the major rock bars that frequently come up when this question is asked (Mother, PSY, GODZ, From Dusk Till Dawn, etc.). A lot of it is really "designer" metal culture IMO, which quite possibly colors me as a little bit elitist, but the fact is I rarely meet people actually engaged in the scene at those places.

Most of the spots that a lot of the people actually involved in the scene go are pretty run of the mill. No "THIS IS A METAL BAR" sign or anything.

That being said, Shinjuku and Nakano are definitely the places to be for good shows. They happen elsewhere, too, but they're pretty heavily concentrated in those 2 districts.

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You're almost certainly referring to Shinjuku's Nichome district, which is also where some of the best restaurants in Shinjuku are.

That's actually sort of a complex question. I definitely have friends in the scene who are gay, though it's not really something they go out of their way to point out. One side of me says that could be due too Japan's notoriously repressive "overground" culture, but another side of me also thinks there's a part of the scene that kind of just doesn't care, in a non-negative way.

I've actually thought about this extensively over the years as there is certainly gender-bending, cross-dressing, and the like at play at a non-insubstantial amount of events, but, again, it's not "a big deal." It kind of just is.

I usually refer to this as the "null space", and by it I mean a space in which traditionally held beliefs or norms about identity sort of just evaporate, and those that participate in it just sort of take what's being presented as what it is on its own merit. I think this idea is hinted at in Rosemary Overell's Affective Intensities in Extreme Music Scenes academic, what they call "play", though I am unsatisfied with the extent to which the author goes to explicate.

So I guess to answer your question, by the untrained eye I guess there's probably some "gay-ish" stuff going on, though I don't think that anyone readily looks at it in an othering sort of manner. My experience has been everyone's just cool with whatever.

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You're correct in the day job thing - I myself operate in a wildly different territory than extreme metal during the days - though there are serious though hidden financial as well as social considerations to be made when looking at how this affects everyone involved in the scene.

So first up lemme just say that a promoter who only functions as a promoter is probably next to worthless at best. A 3rd party leech. If they aren't also involved in coordination, then - in my experience - all they do is get in the way and almost always are in it for the perceived money and have very little involvement with the scene proper. So I'm not really worried about them.

As for venues, well, shit, without venues the live music scene doesn't exist so you better worry about them. And if live music doesn't exist, then that severely reduces the incentive to create amongst musicians, unless they're solely in it for the money. Which, if you haven't figured it out, I nor the bands I associate with are; that doesn't mean we don't like turning a profit, but it does mean that we like producing products that are artistically robust as our definitions of it are concerned.

Live music, be it metal or hip hop or pop or whatever, is an ecosystem with a whole lot of moving parts. When one or more than one of them fail, that affects the entire machine. So venues failing means bands arent performing means audiences aren't buying new shirts to tell their friends about means that bandcamp isn't doing as well means that relevancy dwindles. It won't happen quickly, but if nothing's done to make sure that the support systems for all music ecosystems at the independent/underground level are maintained, I believe its quite possible this shit, which personally speaking is the lifeblood of existence itself, could be wiped off the map for the foreseeable future.

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I book international music tours in Japan, so I'm pretty highly tuned into this question. The fact is, we don't know, though IMO its highly unlikely that thing's'll calm down by that time, even if Corona magically goes away.

The reason being is that this is a pretty traumatic time we're going through, for individuals just as much as businesses. I personally am a big fan of taking highly calculated risks, which means I need to be good at aggregating information from all over the place that is at least tangentially relevant to what I'm spending working on, which in the case of the travel industry is zilch.

That doesnt mean it wont' improve, that just means that people like myself (which is a considerable number of invested hobbiests/small businesses) simply can't begin doing the risk assessment required to plan things until other organizations/governments get their shit together. Which means that planning itself won't commence for quite some time, and if planning doesn't get done, then actual business can't get done.

I don't think I've ever seen a karaoke place advertise itself as "metal karaoke", but that's just because all karaoke places I've ever been to have a pretty decent stock of metal to select from. I belt out various Maiden, Priest, Metallica, Motorhead tracks regularly at drunken work parties on the regular.

I and the Kaala organization aren't particularly concerned with Deathcore, though I'm always happy to help fans oof any genre track down what they're looking for on an individual basis. I don't know of any resources that could answer your question, but would be cool to do a bit of looking into it if that's something you'd like.