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What are you going to do to actually compete with the grey/black market? I smoke shatter, but the OCS has a gram going for $90 when I pay $20-25 illegally. I'd like to buy it legally, I really would, but the price difference is way too much.

Also, is there any chance (I know the answer is no) that the government will step back and just collect a tax, instead of the retarded middle man system we currently have? There is absolutely no reason for the government to middle man between growers and retailers.

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They can get money through taxes, and they don't need to "provide stability in the market". The weed market has been stable for 60 years in spite of the government. They can ensure health through strictly enforced regulations. Funny how they need to middle man weed and booze, but with tobacco (the deadliest of the 3), the government is strangely hands off.

If it was completely private with it going from growers to retailers, I bet the prices would come down a lot quicker. The government doesn't want to give up their unearned piece of the pie.

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Do you interview people with less "interesting", but more practical/realistic careers? Things such as a tradesmen?

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We should continue to push at all levels for justice and liberation for all.

So why don't you say All Lives Matter?