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For those potential users of Edge -- who are on Chrome, Safari, Firefox --what is the main selling point to switch to you?

From a PR perspective and brand safety perspective, I find this fascinating.

TY for your time!

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What is the biggest misconception people have about Iraq?

Secondly...because i believe food is a connector of people. What is your favorite Iraqi dish and where can the folks of Reddit get it?

TY for this AMA >

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What is the #1 advice you'd give to people in regard to protecting identity?

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First off - thank you for your reporting on this. Just two quick questions for you:

1) Were you shocked by the numbers that came in?

2) Has Coachella responded with a comprehensive plan to stop this?

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To those that are stuck in a Chrome, Safari loop ---- what is your selling point to potential users of Edge?

Ideally would love it if Edge used less memory....