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I wonder if people are so obsessed with toilet paper just because they heard it was running out, and it creates a self perpetuating rush to buy it. Ordinarily I feel like people usually keep a pack or two in the house and that should keep you for a few months.

Maybe if people had been talking about soap being unavailable initially everyone would be panic-buying that.

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Once you go bidet, there's nothing left to say.

I legit wonder if this will cause a lasting cultural shift in America towards bidets.

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How does Robert sustain himself?

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That's interesting. There's also, perhaps, a reasonable comparison with the war in Europe. If that could have been ended with two atomic bombs rather than an invasion, would that have been better?

Apparently approximately 220,000 Japanese were killed in the two bombings (or due to aftereffects). It's hard to get numbers on people killed in Europe post-D-Day, but the battle of Normandy alone had 125,000+ killed on both sides and 425k casualties; overall 180k Americans died in Europe in WW2 and many British/German/Russians and civilians on top of that.

Russia had also entered the war against Japan, so it is possible that not using an atomic bomb could have resulted in an Eastern bloc-style sphere of control in Asia as well.

(see http://history.stackexchange.com/questions/25/how-many-troops-died-on-d-day, https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20080310061332AAtI2iu)

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COBOL is an important piece of history!