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Tl;dr I've had some crack heads come and order from me and a Pervy vicar

Two guys about 18 came up on bikes (they both had one trouser leg rolled up which made me question their fashion sense). Their arms were covered in scars and scabs and they didn't have a clean tooth between them. The younger guy wanted a £1.60 cornet. So the older guy pulls out a massive wad of £20 notes and hands me one.

I hadn't got any change for a 20 without giving him coins so I apologise and start to count out the £1 coins. Well safe to say he had a few choice words about my mother and how be was going to find me and kill me because I didn't have any notes to give him change.... That was pretty weird.

Same day that happened I had a vicar/priest come over and be really pervy and hit on me whilst I was getting him his ice cream. After saying he thought I was the best Mr Softee he'd ever met he proceeded to eat his ice cream right in front of the window and keep eye contact whilst licking.

I was glad there were customers behind waiting otherwise it would have been very awkward...

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Is good humor an ice cream brand?

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I was never specifically told I couldn't have any whilst out.

So I justify the times I have some by assuring myself that its purely for 'quality control' and nothing else.

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I wanted to be a police man but this seems to be dangerous enough