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Last year (August 2017) I went to the emergency department because I had excruciating stomach pain. The hospital I went to didn’t really tell me anything but after some bloodwork I was told I would be admitted. So I stayed there for a week, had a biopsy on my kidney, and the day later I went home.

About a week after that I had an appointment with a nephrologist who told me my kidney function was at about 15% out of 100%, he told me I would need to follow up and watch my diet, etc.

Of course I did neither of those things, I felt fine mostly. I had been prescribed Tylenol 3 for my stomach pain.

Fast forward to this year (October), I went to my parents house during a break from school. I woke up one morning with a horrible migraine and I had been throwing up all day as well. My headache was so bad, I couldn’t eat anything, had to be in the dark, and I couldn’t listen to any noise.

My mom was the one who basically forced me to go to the hospital, I’m pretty stubborn and I thought it was just a bad headache.

Got to the hospital, nurse checks my blood pressure, it was 220/117, she thought her machine was broken and she checked my blood pressure 4 times. After that I was able to see the doctor right away. I ended up having a seizure while I was talking to him because my blood pressure was so high, but I don’t remember. The doctor put my on dialysis that night, and I ended up staying at that hospital for about two weeks because I had to have small procedure done where they put a tube near your heart to drain fluid from around it.

I’m finally home now, still on dialysis. I had to drop out of school and move back home as well. Life kind of sucks now honestly, I’m so jealous of people who are healthy.

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It doesn’t seem that hard to find a donor, but the real challenge is finding a donor who will be a match.

Since I found out about my diagnosis, everyone I know has offered to get tested to see if they could be a potential donor.

My nephrologist told me that they will start testing my two brothers first because one of them is likely to be a match. After they’ve been tested and they aren’t a match, we can start testing other potential donors.

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I’m feeling good these days, lots of energy.

I like playing video games mostly, sometimes I bake desserts and play with my dog. I can’t do much other than relax at home haha but I’m not complaining.

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Lol be my friend on steam!

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Thank you!

I had an intense migraine for more than a week before I thought anything was wrong. I was living on my own and in college so I really had no idea I was sick. I was visiting my mom for reading week and I couldn’t stop throwing up so she forced me to go to the hospital. Initially, I didn’t want to go, but I’m glad I did because I had an emergency dialysis line put in and I was having dialysis done that night.