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From the info I’ve seen this is my best guess. Since the company provides housing, food, water, power, and other services. That means the only income they get is what most would consider discretionary. If the govt removed all of those things from income calculations a lot more people would fall below that line.

Since that spending money is all they are actually paid that’s all that counts towards income.

At least that’s my hypothesis and it makes tons of sense to me. I can’t see them not qualifying for Medicaid with this setup.

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I feel I have a good handle on combatting my overactive anxiety but a few symptoms seem to come back a few times a year and it’s scary. It’s always startling and exacerbates the problem. I ask “why now?” Or “what could possibly be the problem?” I get numbness only in my face nowadays and when I have these episodes it will persist almost all day every day for a few weeks. Is there any particular reason it only shows in the face and top of head like that or is it just based on the individual and just so happens to be like that?