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How do you sneak into Germany illegally?

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Totally random comment but last year my Personality Psych prof posted Purdue's citation guide on his course website for reference and it's my go-to citation page now!

Also, I hope you get better soon, University/College is enough stress without having to go through what you are!

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Just a comment on rule 3: If you're looking to cut down on useless replies to verification comments wouldn't it be better to add something like /r/AskScience or /r/Pen_swap where there is a flair beside the AMA title which moderators could simply turn on when an IAMA has been verified?

You could make a green coloured flair reading 'Verified' for ones that are verified and a red coloured flair for 'unverified' for those AMAs that the OP doesn't offer verification or hasn't yet submitted verification?

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How did peek-a-boo work?

Also, what was it like using a telephone device for the deaf and watching TV with described video? Also how exactly does a TDD work?

Edit: Wow, my mistake. I completely jumbled these two together since I always see commercials for both.

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Didn't know that! I used to use Concordia University's citation guide before that. I don't know if it's different because I live in Canada.