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Here in korea there are similar, but far less common host clubs. More often it is a noraebang (private karaoke room) with girls (or guys in this case). Anyway, I have been told that the most rotten customers and most demeaning ones (also the ones that drop a lot of money) are the ones that are in the same business. So Noraebang girls that want to blow off some steam.

Is this the case for you?

What's the most rotten or worst customer story you can remember?

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After twenty years ├Čn solitary I imagine you must have become something of a curiosity to the new guards (has this guy really been all alone for years?) Were you really and truly ignored for 20 years or did you ever have the chance to strike up a conversation with a guard to ease the torment?

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How do imagine the economy running?

A broken economy can ruin a game or at least hurt it. Look at Diablo 2 with gold being essentially worthless.

I would hope it would work something like UO (I am only really familiar with The second age and previously) where a solidly build set of equipment could be just as good (relatively speaking) as a magic item.

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Alright going off of the durability, when durability is finished and your item breaks, will that be it or will you (or a smith of appropriate skills) be able to salvage or recycle some part of it?

It would be a shame to see some resources become even more rare or impossible to come by for people late to the game. I always liked UO because of the ability for a new player (relatively) to still be on the same level as an older player. Skills always mattered more than loot. So I have found myself turned off by newer mmorpgs.

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Thanks for the replies. I look forward to taking a crack at the early testings if I can get in or seeing how the final product works out.

Best of luck