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I can only imagine what our government response would be today to a real-world issue such as a major natural disaster or other crisis.

Oh, you mean like the Camp fire?

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Conservatism in power never does.

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15+ locks simply means they're thinking of the fines and downtime that would happen if one lock was missing.

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Taxi Dispatcher here. If you find a cabbie who is good, get their driver number, not just their cell. This is for cases, like where I work, where everything has to go through dispatch. Drivers are required to inform the dispatch (in this case, me) that they have a "flag" pickup. Cab drivers at my job aren't allowed to take personal pickups. However, if you have their number, and said driver is available, dispatchers will often send them to you.

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just smelling like cannabis will usually get you a random drug test. If you come up clean, yet reek of cannabis, they'll probably ask why. Just bring in a candle to show-n-tell.