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Of course!!! High conflict refers to parents that engage in ongoing fights or disputes regarding how to coparent their kids and the responsibilities that come with coparenting. Parental Alienation occurs when a parent strategically tries to keep a child or children away from another parent through manipulation, efforts to get the child to reject the targeted parent, creating unreasonable loyalty conflicts by making the child choose between the parents.

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Keep all records!! Document! Document! Document!

As far as dealing with an abusive coparent, your partner has to make sure to not give into the abusive communcation or texts. Do not respond to the sarcastic comments, belittling, or negative comments always bring the conversation back to the business at hand which is the kids and their wellbeing. If the ex-husband can't be civilized then there is no compromising by your partner and he is to refer to the custody agreement in place.

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I would say make sure you are an objective support for your sibling. Don't give into bashing the parent that is creating the conflict. Make sure you remind your sibling to maintain boundaries that will help keep them in control of what they can actually control. Make sure that the kids have a safe environment where they can be vulnerable and ask questions and not feel like they have to choose between one parent or the other.

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Yes I have definitely encountered situations where parties refuse to take the steps needed to work together. This creates a hellish situation for the kids.

As far as success stories, most occur when the parent does alot of work on the self. Many times they don't realize that they are using their past hurt to hurt the other parent but when they seek individual help they tend to be more willing to be flexible and cooperative.

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I have seen some signs borderline cases in coparenting situations. I would say, particularly with borderline, I find that maintaining iron-clad boundaries is important because they are trying to see what you will budge so that they can manipulate you in the future. Always stick to the custody agreement!!