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Hey ! I'm more oriented towards gameplay programming than CG programming, and I haven't worked in the video games industry yet but it's a long-term goal for me.

Apart from gamejams & students projects I don't have professionnal experience in video games, do you have any advice for a beginner like me who would like to enter in the industry ?

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Thanks !

Also, is it better to begin in a AAA company or in smaller / indy companies to get experience ? I often see job offers with a X years of experience in the industry requirement, so I'm not really sure where I should begin yet with my small experience.

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If you just want to host the code / project, Git should do the job. If you want to host the binaries, maybe a Google Drive / One Drive ? Good question.

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What tips could you give to a "newbie" game programmer like me that has no professionnal experience in game dev, but a few personnal projects (gamejams), to enter the video games industry ?

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Another idea could be to host your files on a NAS / server and you would provide the link somewhere on your resume for example.