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Will you consider answering the question?

What is being done to actively separate the peaceful BLM movement from the destruction and riots that are using it as a cover?

"BLM abhors these crimes and frequently makes statements in the form of official press releases to say so," is one type of answer. Linking to the statements will be expected in a case like that.

"BLM is not responsible for crimes committed around protests and does not feel it should take the responsibility of pointing out these crimes are not carried out or sanctioned by BLM," would be something. Another Redditor likens the question to asking moderate Muslims why they aren't condemning terrorists who commit crimes claiming they are in the name of Islam. "Why the hell do we have to say anything?" is, to me, an understandable response.

While your statement in response to the question is important and very clear, it is not an actual answer.

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They had to replace Vanna's torso and oil her. :-)

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Peru. He moved to Italy with his parents when he was a small child.

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How do you feel about people hitting on you -- trying to chat you up, ask for your phone number, flirting...?