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If you worked for that company for so long, do you have some sort or retirement promised?

How did you find your room mate? By the way, room mate, you seem pretty awesome.

Can you post pictures of some of your models or past projects? _^

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Those are awesome. Nice painting :)

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Did you think it would come down? I know many people back in the US didn't think that they would see the wall fall in their lifetime.

How much has East Berlin changed from when you were there? I was there about a month ago and it's still pretty run down with graffiti on so many things. It reminded me of the not-so-nice parts of town from where I'm from and had me on edge walking around there.

How long have you been outside of Germany?

So the wall fell, then what? You say your life changed greatly but in what ways? Did you quit your job and move away? What exactly was different?