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Timinane412 karma

Why do you sell homeopathic products and other products that are merely placebos or flat out don't work?

Timinane22 karma

That's why we have double blind testing but that get's destroyed when it's convenient for groups aligned to the Greens. When we have evidence something is harmful we act, but the anti-GMO movement is full of logical fallacies like the slippery slope argument. So what do I trust, evidence based science or irrationally biased fears. One brought about the enlightenment the other was very popular during the dark ages.

Timinane5 karma

Why should a person vote for the anti-science Greens (GMOs) over the anti-science Climate Deniers?

Timinane5 karma

What happens if medicinal cannabis trials don't return the results proponents want?

Timinane2 karma

Why should people put Green supported anti-science above other anti-science on the ballot paper? Why do you find GMO so scary despite all the artificial selection we've done as humans over 10,000 years.