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So I saw chunk of that. It has a conspiracy documentary feel to it. But honestly you seem to have enough critical thought that it makes it hard for me to believe you fell for Qanon BS. I am going to assume you were one of those that said they have done their research and know the truth at some point. How would you convince someone with this same mentality that they are being mislead?

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You really just don't understand how they think. To be clear most atheists believe that religion is written by man to control all and that God has nothing to do with it The Bible is a book to subjugate not to enlighten. And that most people that are considering themselves religious are the furthest thing from enlightenment.

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I read it. Now I understand that that's a conspiracy propaganda paper. To make it easier for you to understand. There are thousands of gods that different people believe in and that you most likely believe in one. How are you able to dismiss all those other gods without? I dismiss one more than you. Now you may understand why I can so easily dismiss all gods.

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He did give me a good laugh. Believing in a written publication is no different than believing in a Bible.

To be clear there was no peer review. Just speculation in those articles.