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Most of these fines are barely slaps on the wrist for big corps it seems... Every fight for a couple dollars of fines is a David vs Goliath battle

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People like the person you are replying to are basically either blinded by ignorance or are the rich fucks banking on the poorer folks not being able to do it.

It is glaringly obvious what the issue os and that we need to stop it but we won't. Here in canada the liberals said they were gonna reform how we vote then as soon as the broken system got them in power said oh no the system works fine and as intended. Why fix what helped make you great because it broken? The rich get richer the poor get poorer. Aoomer or later we will fall back onto the violence against the government because they keep taking our resources away. ($$$)

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the fuck did I just watch.. it curls....

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That sounds like a punishment to the new owner though? Fix what wasn't your up AND lose the revenue from the factory for a time?

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Honestly, you believe that?? how long have we been fighting government spying? they dont care, they are mad at the public for getting around them and figuring out to stop the bills from passing. the proof is that they keep slightly changing the wording but not the act of the laws... this is a fight that will be raging far longer then any of us expect... every attempt to tell the government to stop this shit has been met with a reworded bill to quell the masses... there are so many people who are already tired of fighting cause fuck... our voice means so little when they have dollar signs being thrown at them left and right