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First, I think New York State should be much more active in controlling the merger of giant media cos. For a starter, New York should clearly block the Comcast - Time Warner merger, pronto. In fact I would say the State has a duty to block it.

By our calculations, TWC-Comcast will cost New Yorkers as much as $1.6 billion per year in higher rates. It also will damage New York industries, like tech and content creation. All for what? So Comcast can make more money. That's not what I'd call "in the public interest."

Second, I think, ideally, municipalities ought take the lead in offering alternatives to the big guys. Internet access is a utility and we've been far too lax about just letting it be a profit center for cable and telcos.

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Of course! How could I not?

Net Neutrality is a principle as much as anything. Therefore, all that the state does should respect the principle.

Right now I am personally working hard, behind the scenes, to try to convince the FCC, and convince others to convince the FCC, that they need to adopt some form of strong Net Neutrality rules this year.

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The duck question is back! I gave this a lot of thought, and I still stand by my old answer that the one Cuomo-sized duck would be easier, because the 100 duck sized Cuomos would get behind you and kick you off the ballot. (We're still on appeal). Other two questions in a sec.

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First -- I think we definitely need more checks and balances, including an independent Lieutenant Governor who has his own agenda. I've written a white paper on this very topic. It is not the entire answer. Zephyr is saying more.

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  1. I absolutely support municipal-level initiatives to develop utility-style internet access !! Its such an obvious level at which to solve the problem of cheap reliable internet access. As you probably know, there have been efforts to ban such projects for reasons that are utterly indefensible