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Contact scares or no?

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I don’t get the idea. Isn’t the point of revealing criminals to raise awareness for public safety?

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Regarding cancers, are there any known bacteria that can cause cancer? I'm interested particularly in viruses such as Hep and Pap, that propagate by mutating cells in the systemic organs but I wanted to know if there were any larger microbial induced cancers.

Regarding bacteria in general, do you think it would be plausible/reasonable if different people with different unknown bacterial infections were to be treated by a cocktail of medically introduced bacteriophages rather than using a cure-all antibiotic or a GI cocktail? I would guess that it is possible and the outcome would be successful but the process would be far too taxing if antibiotics could provide the same results; So would it be reasonable?

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Not many brand name foods are as cracked up to be, are they? Smart waters, random “organic” labels on food items shams or glams, where does the line draw for companies marketing their products?