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Not OP, but the answer as I understand it is to get the message out. To spread the communication and get people with the information and resources on board. It is actually a major part of what he is doing to help coordinate these efforts. So it seems just like Reddit is just one more channel to explore in pursuing his goal.

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So personally, I believe that the fall of Afghanistan was a foregone conclusion. It was just a matter of when we pulled out our support. I do not agree with the manner in which it was done, but that is another discussion.

My question is, after the initial years, do you feel there was a better time to pull out/evacuate...using the assumption that we did so in a better way than we just did?

So if the evacuation were done in a way that you agreed with...do you think there was a better or earlier time it could have been done? Say instead of at 20 years, perhaps 15, or 10, or during a particular political/social shift, etc?

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First of all, truly amazing. Congratulations to you for persevering through this ordeal and taking back what is rightfully yours: your life. There is nothing in my life that I can compare to this, nothing, and I've been through a lot in my years.

My question: although it may not apply to you right now at this stage, how do you feel about the targeted therapies that are currently out and those being developed? By this I am referring to the inhibitors and the monoclonal antibodies that can be used to treat the cancers at the source. Would they be an effective preventative without having to go through the bone-marrow transplant, or are they simply a treatment technique leading up to the eventual transplant anyway?

My thinking is if there is a preventative that can be used to suitable yet small doses, one can try to bypass the intensive series of treatments for the marrow transplant, as well as alleviate the need for a suitable donor.

The technology always blows me away. For everyone that claims some level of conspiracy theory about how there are these "cures" that are not being released, you really have to look at everything that has been developed and continue to be developed. It is utterly amazing. Again, remarkable. Blessings to you and your family and everyone who has supported you through this. Imagine the man you will be with such an experience to have shaped you. You truly know what is important in life.