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I believe that the sooner we treat drug addiction as a mental illness instead of a crime we will be much better off as a society. Do you share this logic or do you believe people in posession need to go to jail?

TL/DR Do you feel that victimless crimes (such as possession) should involve jailtime?

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Technically is this guy really breaking the law? I mean if he's smart he's got absolutely nothing in his house and nothing any authorities could find. Let them come knocking I'll bet he's got an attorney waiting. Pictures of pot? This just shows he was around it at one point.

Pretty much all of this could be made up. Would anyone argue that the legal authorities have no ground to stand on? Is any of this enough for an actual arrest?

How many paranoid people are there in here right now?

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Oh you are correct. We should just invite them over for dinner.

Are you one of those people that just bitches about the problem but doesn't come up with any solutions?

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Have you ever been to the middle east?

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Yea it's definitely not a breeding ground of Islamic radicals who apply terrorist tactics across the globe. They also definitely have never attacked the US. We just show up and kill people.