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Stealing $5000 is pretty unlikely to make local news, in major metro areas several people commit that magnitude of theft every day... And if nobody ever sees a gun, nobody is actually individually harmed, and nobody is driven to a panic, then it isn't a huge story. If you drive to a different metro area to commit the crime in, even a photo on the news several nights in a row isn't going to be much help.

Crime shows give you a weirdly skewed perspective, where they have all of these resources and always catch people. In reality, security camera footage only really helps you next time you see them. You can show it to people hoping for recognition, but even then, even if people know the suspect, many people will not recontextualize this nice guy they know to see him as a bank robber, or, if they can, will not turn him in.

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The man's name is Levine, and the best way to describe him would be if Mitt Romney and Mr. Burns had a bastard love child.

Are you worried that your constituents might be put off by this type of mud slinging? Clearly Mitt would make an honest woman out of Mr. Burns before putting a baby in him, it's the Mormon way.

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Can you tell me exactly when you plan on jumping the shark?

I'd prefer it to happen with a literal shark.

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I think he is talking about eventual EU membership, not the document itself. EU membership would, in fact, mean open borders.

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It was probably one of the best ending of his books. He's weird about endings, his novels typically go buildup->buildup->buildup->crazy situation->mild resolution that doesn't resolve much->closing remarks. Cryptonomicon's ending was way worse. Anathem had a somewhat satisfying ending, but only because the tone of that book allowed something much less climactic to still be interesting.