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He also has a particular set of skills...

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Yeah, for me the hardest part of my disorder is the people around me not understanding it. No matter how much you explain it to people there's just nothing that can bridge that gap between understanding and not when the concept itself makes no sense to them. The idea of the mind acting differently than what we ourselves experience is such a difficult concept for humans to grasp.

This makes it so difficult for people with certain problems because no one around them can really help because they don't understand what they need. In my own case I am so tired of the "why can't"'s... Why can't you go back to work? Why can't you come over today? Why can't you just make all your appointments? It's infuriating and only contributes to making the problems worse as you start to feel more and more alienated as people just can't understand the way your mind works.

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Severe depression and generalized anxiety disorder here, it's the one-two punch from hell. It's... not fun... Saw a quote awhile back that sums it up nicely: "Not only am I battling my mental illness but my mental illnesses are battling each other." The depression stops you from doing things, then the anxiety rages through your head as you're not getting things done that you need to, and that only makes the depression worse.

The depression at least people seem to understand to a point, trying to explain a severe anxiety disorder to someone who's never experienced it is almost impossible though. The idea that silly little inconsequential things could completely paralyze you with fear is just something people can't seem to comprehend. Like I have trouble just going through my kitchen to the bathroom at night cause I'm worried I'm going to wake my roommates up and piss them off, it's ridiculous, consciously I know damn well it's ridiculous, but that doesn't make it go away.

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What answer do you have for people like me who won't be happy with something that's "close enough"? You admit that you don't think the only process that actually fully reproduces meat (in vitro reproduction) is looking good any time soon and there's a LOT of people who won't accept an alternative unless it's IDENTICAL in all the "experience" factors (taste, texture, smell) and that's still not something anyone has been able to come close to.