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Wow, thanks. Never heard of that. I'm long married but I have always wondered why in the past I would be attracted to someone but have trouble with sex unless there was already some intimacy established. TIL

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Mr. Ramsay,

I'm a huge fan! I have a lot of admiration for your work ethic, dtermination, and refusal to compromise your standards.

I have two questions for you:

How you would say your self-discipline and competitive nature from your football days have translated into the success you've found today in the restaurant and entertainment industries?

Also, how do you think cigarette smoking affects a chef's palate? I know that smoking is very common in the restaurant industry. The blind taste tests on Hell's Kitchen always seems so difficult for the contestants and as a non-smoker I've wondered if smoking has something to do with that.

Finally, thank you for teaching me how to make the best scrambled eggs I've ever tasted (even though my silly American friends refuse to try my "slimy eggs").

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I had the exact same experience, though I was kind of nervous and now wish I had asked what position my Rep. was taking on the issue. They took my name and address and promised to follow up with a letter.

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We can tell that you're making the effort and we appreciate the service that you are doing to our country.

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John has been talking about picking up his guitar again for a while now. He even got it repaired at some point. I hope he does because it sounds like it's something that he really enjoys.