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Don't ask if someone is gay, don't tell someone if you're gay

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Illegal doesn't mean wrong. If this is the kind of thing he has to do to MAYBE be able to live a normal life, then the problem lies with the countries. Helping people out always beats the law in my book (as long as they're not going to kill somebody or something)

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Not going to lie and say I'm not guilty of being lazy when I could have really done loads better (as in 3.7 with just a little bit of work) but instead ended up with a 2.2 only because my dad pushed me to pass. I've caused quite a bit of stress for my mom and dad and even my teachers. Cheating, on the other hand, I hadn't done since 6th grade or earlier. If something is an evaluation of me, it's dishonest to use someone's answers that aren't mine

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He said that shifts of his providers overlap. It's in a 24 hour period that a total of 30.5 hours are used for caretaking.. If two people work 22 hour shifts at the same time in a 24 hour period, that's 44 hours a day

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America is a terrible place to serve time in. It's terrible. Sweden focuses on prisoner rehabilitation and education. The point is to come out a better person than you went in. In America, you come out much, much worse than you went in. This contributes to quite a lot of repeat offenders