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I was almost put into a psychiatric ward when I was 14, and I'm glad I resisted. It would've totally made me believe I was a "crazy person" and sent me into a faster spiral. I can relate, through a lifetime of mental illness (manic depression, GAD) and a long like of mentally ill relatives. My sister is bipolar and also manic depressive with tendencies to be a pathological liar, my mom is extremely dictated by her bipolar disorder and has been on multiple medications in her life, my brother is also manic depressive, and my uncle is a paranoid schizophrenic who just got released from prison for murder a few months ago.

I've come close with attempting suicide, mostly with gutting myself. But I've made it far, and really appreciate hearing "success" stories, however much you consider yourself successful (even though you really should).

May I ask if your childhood/adolescence had any large impact on you?


I wanted to do an AMA like this one on my main account but the mods wouldn't let me.

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Man that's rough. You said you have been happy for a year now? I can never properly describe what it's like going every day always feeling something bad is going on. It's like there's a weight in my mind and it never goes away. It literally seems like a weight that I can't snake out of my brain. That's the best description I can really give, what's yours? Can I hear your description of how the happiness feels in place of how you felt before?

I can relate to the multiple divorces and cycling through patents. I also have trust issues. My current gf (first real one ever) and I are 10 months in. At first I was very jealous and paranoid like it explained you were in another comment. Even her friends from childhood worried me! But it terrified me since I had (and have) been working on my actions, thoughts, and ideals to feel less.. desensitized? Basically I was terrified of being "crazy" and a bf who is overly jealous for no reason, and am no longer that way (as bad). I'm much better for it, and I'm glad I was able to even influence it.

Drug abuse also ran (runs) rampant in my family, so I've never touched them. I most likely never will. Thank you for the rapid reply.

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Thinking of major depression, my b