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I'm using the Quest 2 controllers. With a basic avatar you have the ability to have: An open hand, a relaxed hand, a fist, index finger, thumb, L hand, Peace sign and rock n'roll and the language has been altered to fit with these limits. There are also certain avatars that can give you more handshapes using combos. Mine gives me F hands, R hands, X hands, Middle finger down and flat O's but I've seen others with more, like the bent Peace sign used for "Pizza", "Blind" and "Potato" or the K/P handshape. Anyone with any kind of vr controllers can sign.

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Someone downvoted all my answers to the questions for some reason lmao

Edit: Now some questions have been downvoted too. Great.

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Not only does the hand tracking not work for VRchat (unless you're using virtual desktop) it's way too bad regardless. If you have a quest try to track you putting your thumb between your index and middle fingers, that's the letter T in ASL. Have fun watching your quest freak out, lol. Now imagine it trying to figure that out when your hand is facing whoever you're talking to.

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Because it's rare that a world has a place to type, signing is faster, it's more enjoyable and it's started a community of 3.5k people. The thing about the game is that every single place you can go the person who made said place would have to add a keyboard on the wall or something which just doesn't happen.

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Yeah, there are tons of Deaf people in the community. I can definitely relate to the sign accents being difficult, but you tend to get used to it and I'm certain it's not as varied compared to real life. I think most of the teachers are from the East Coast so it's probably closer to Eastern signing than anything.

Edit: By "Tend to get used to it" I mean you get used to everyone signing slightly differently from each other in VR