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Symptoms: Headaches, Mood Swings, Hallucinations/Daydreaming

These are caused when I miss a dose I begin to feel a little off, and often experience headaches. Mood swings depend, many of it is based on other factors such as news but there are some days where I am very happy and nothing can ruin my mood, and then a few hours later I begin to recognize the negative aspects and become disgruntled. Aside from HGH in the form of daily injection, I use Androgel to stimulate my testosterone levels. In addition, I take Hydrocortisone to regulate my metabolism and blood pressure. Hallucinations/Daydreaming: This rarely happens to be honest.

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I was cleared to tryout (didn't make the team) for basketball in eighth grade. But professionally, I would guess that this would make me illegible for any type of sport.

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I don't get the reference so I'll just go cry in a corner.

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See above, I answered this. But I rarely lift.