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It would be great if that was the case wouldn't it? The thing is most of these people HAVEN'T fled their homes because of the threat of death. Most of these refugees are economic refugees who are simply unhappy with how their life is in their country and decided to move to Europe in hopes of a better life through the help of various welfare programs in european countries. Their home countries aren't unsafe, they aren't escaping death, their countries simply don't have the same standard of living as in europe. Over half the people who have managed to flee to europe do NOT fit the criteria for a refugee and rights to asylum.

And why is there such an emphasis on Greeks vs refugees? Well that might have something to do with the fact that OP said he is establishing a factory that is going to exclusively hire refugees rather than greeks. He kind of made the conscious decision then and there to prioritise refugees over greeks.

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You mentioned in another comment how some of the common trends of collapsing societies seems to be, amongst others, rapid climatic change, war and mass movements of population.

On the point of mass movements of populations I assume you’re referring to some of the huge migrations the Roman Empire experienced during the 3rd century crisis and the Attila period.

However could you expand upon how mass migrations actually lead to societal collapse in more detail? In what ways does mass migration actually damage a society and it’s systems and institutions? And what could past societies have done to mitigate these periods?