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What have you had for breakfast and lunch today :)

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Well done for standing up for yourself!!

Would you reccomend for others to stand up for themselves in similar situations? Clearly in your situation, the shooters intended to kill you so the shock of you fighting back probably saved your life.

Also what would you do if you ever saw these two guys again? Would you want revenge? Or would you be too scared to confront them?

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Do you believe in the separation of church and state?

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What are your thoughts on NSA and Edward Snowden? Why do you think many parts of the world publically attacked the USA on their handling of that whole situation? Were those countries (especially South American countries) right in their public attacks? Do you feel the world is getting tired of the hypocritical nature of the USA?

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What is the craziest party you have been to? What did it involve? All the crazy details will be greatly appreciated :)