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Sections of TPP often force governments of participating countries to relinquish their sovereignty if it acts against the interest of large corporations. For example, the ISDS international tribunal that can levy fines on nations that pass laws which can potentially harmful their bottom lines. Doesn't this fundamentally go against the principles of sovereignty and self government?

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You’re doing great work there, but in the long run I would think they need their own hospitals. What would it take for these countries to become self sufficient?

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Ok, this is a bit trivial. Many Keynesian economists criticized the Obama administration and the then congress to not spend nearly enough on the Recovery Act. Do you agree with them? What would you have done differently?

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By declaring war, do you mean deploy ground troops? Also, do you want the Assad government to stay in power, or you would support a regime change?

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Is there any incumbent Republican in the House or the Senate that you admire? Why?